Use TwoDDL for Quick Free Movie Downloads

Downloading movies, music videos and TV shows has become quite popular these days. You can find a plethora of torrents, watch movies online and movies download sites on the Internet. While some may charge a nominal fee, most of these sites are free to use, making them a perfect platform for entertainment. TwoDDL is a popularly used site that offers direct download links to movies, games and TV shows through a number of download links. This allows you to choose the platform that has the best quality video and sound plus a good download speed.


Although BitTorrent is the most popularly used movie download platform, there are a number of websites that allow you to download movies, TV shows and more. Finding the right ones could be a challenge, but if you can do your research, you will find there are sites out there that can be trusted. TwoDDL is one of such sites that you can use, as it has not been reported to have any issues of malware so far. Malware is the biggest threat when downloading from the Internet, which deters people from using unfamiliar sites. However, TwoDDL is safe to use.

It is not just a movie downloader, but also offers other download features, such as games, TV shows and music videos. So not only can you get new movies to watch, but can also keep up with any missed episodes of your favorite TV series. The good part is that you can download movies etc. from not one link, but can choose from a number of links that are available at TwoDDL. From single download links to uploaded links, Rapidgator download links and more, you can choose the link that has the best quality movie recordings.

Sometimes movies and television series come with subtitles so that it is easier for international viewers to understand and follow the story. Subtitles are good, but they can be distracting. If you wish to watch movies without subtitles, then TwoDDL offers you links where you can get subtitle-free downloads. Apart from this, various torrent file downloads are also available in case you need a torrent downloader such as Kickass, YTS, Extra Torrent and others. In other words, you can find everything you need at one place, which makes TwoDDL downloads ideal for use.

Whenever you wish to download a movie or a television series from TwoDDL, all you need to do is search for the relevant genre and select the movie from the offered list that appears. You can get the latest movie downloads, some of which are not readily available at other sites or even torrents. If you want to be the first among friends to watch a movie, besides those watched in the cinemas, you can get down to doing it by downloading it from TwoDDL. It is safe to use and is being widely utilized by patrons across the world looking to watch movies and television series free of cost.

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TH9 War Base Layouts for Clash of the Clans

The clash of clans is one of the most popular mobile online strategy game, played across the globe on a number of platforms including Android, IOS and Windows. Players play with the sole objective of strengthening their clans by creating a structured base such as the latest TH9 war base, unlocking a wide range of artilleries as they move on. It brings in the concept of the medieval clans, which raided the neighboring villages so as to enhance their treasury and illustrate their superiority.

th9 war base

The key to winning a war is getting hold of at least one golden star out of the three. You could do so by either destroying the town hall of your opponent or cause at least 50 percent damage to their village. You must always try to aim higher because the more golden stars you acquire the better. Apart from the loot, with every win, the victor achieves trophies depending on the amount of destruction they have caused, which help in enhancing the level of the player. There are 7 Clash of Clans league levels starting from Bronze and going up to the Titan level.

As you go ahead with the game, you will get the option of upgrading your town hall, like the recent TH9 war base upgrade, and the equipment defending your villages from the continuous raids. At the top right corner of the screen you will find the number of gems you have at your disposal. Gems allow you to fasten the process of construction. Apart from the walls, the cannons and the Archer Towers defending your village, you may construct army barracks which would help you create soldiers for raiding. Just like the other constructions in the village, the army barrack when upgraded unlock stronger military personals.

The recent updates such as the TH9 war base have enabled the players to upgrade their town hall to a higher level unlocking several new features in the process. However, upgrading your village does not necessarily signify that you have a strong hold of your village from the constant raids. If you get the wrong setup to your war base, you may find all your loot going out of your hands. Therefore it is important to have just the right combination of defense in and around your village to secure it from the raiders.

th9 war base

The Clash of Clans like most other online games of its kind can get you completely addicted to it, and you will easily spend hours building your finest village bases and fighting other clans on the map. While at it, remember to look out for the latest updates so that your village is always upgraded. Players can create different war base designs to provide the maximum security to their village. There are numerous blogs and websites that offer war base layouts that you could check out and implement in your own village. You will find some amazing TH9 war base layouts that you can really use.

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Faithful 64×64 Minecraft Game Textures

Created by the Swedish company, Mojang, Minecraft is a survival based independent video game which came out in 2009 and has made quite an impact on the gaming world ever since its inception. Available on numerous platforms including PC, Mac, Playstation and Xbox along with other gaming consoles, Minecraft puts forward a world for you to create. When Minecraft was launched, it started as a simple and straightforward game, but with time there have been interesting changes to it. The introduction of texture packs like faithful 64×64, the game has been taken to another dimension of fun.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to survive in the harshest of conditions? Well, the different modes in the game allow you to experience life like never before. The survival modes, which are probably the most popular of the lot, tests the skills of the player in acquiring resources of need while facing a number of challenges on the way. The player engages in collecting natural materials in order to survive the dangerous lands while maintaining his health and building shelters. Your experiences are further enhanced when you use faithful 64×64 resolutions to watch your game unfold.

Faithful 64x64

Apart from this, the creative mode is quite loved by the players as it allows them to build a world with unlimited resources in hand. There are also several distinct custom maps created by other players. The adventure mode enables you to explore these maps to the fullest. Using the latest faithful 64×64 game textures helps improve your view even further. The spectator mode enables you to fly around the blocks without interacting with the gameplay.

The game which started with simplistic graphics now has various new textures in high definition added to it. The faithful 64×64 Texture Pack has improved the visual appeal of the game. Minecraft, the box block building game has turned into a much smoother and realistic visualization with the new upgrades bettering the much appreciated gameplay. The 64×64 resolution of the new texture pack gives a clearer sight for the player for putting their ideas into creation.

faithful 64x64

Minecraft is not merely a game where you break and build blocks. It is one of the best ways to free your imagination in creating something unique and special. Explore the different sides of the world, from the pretty sight of the sun setting over a block of trees, to fighting the most horrid creatures in the isolated lands. The game can easily be placed under the addictive list, because once you set foot on the blocky lands, you will certainly spend hours constructing and discovering what the game has to offer. The new upgrades like the faithful 64×64 high resolution only add up to the attractiveness of Minecraft, as a game.

If creating out of the ordinary is what you like, or maybe travelling is what you desire, Minecraft is definitely something you don’t want to miss experiencing. The faithful 64×64 resolution gameplay is an eye pleasing treat for any player, with the game nearing almost reality.

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How to Access the American Airlines Official Employee Portal

American Airlines is by far one of the largest airlines servicing Americans and other natives, ferrying them across the world. Besides catering to its passengers, AA, as it is popularly known, also provides several benefits to its employees through its official employee website In order to access the website, you need to be an employee at the airlines. There are strict restrictions as to who can and who cannot access the site. Only present employees and retirees of American Airlines and American Eagle along with those that have business links with the airlines are authorized to access the jetnet employee portal.


The employees of AA are offered a plethora of benefits, all of which they can avail themselves of via the website. Members of enjoy several benefits like the employee services relating to HR, lucrative and useful insurance plans and services relating to personal travel. Employees can list themselves for a particular AA flight at the airport, the one they wish to travel on for a holiday or for other personal travel plans. They are put on a standby list and if there is a last minute cancellation, the employee stands a chance to get that cancelled seat if no other paying passenger is in line for travelling by the flight.

Apart from these facilities, the employees are entitled to a series of offers and discounts on their purchases as well. Through company portals like Corporate Shopping, users can buy a variety of products that include electronics, apparels, shoes, books and many other useful products from our day to day needs. These are available as special discounted offers only to the employees, both new and old, of American Airlines. All offers are accessible via, but only after you have registered on the site. The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete, after which you may access the site with ease.


To register at the AA employee portal, you need to first go to the website and click “Help” in the log in box. At the help center, you must click on the first time user registration form. You will be asked to provide your user ID, which is the employee or contractor number that is given to you by AA when you get hired by the airlines. Once you have done this, you are prompted to create a User ID and password that will allow you to log in to  You will then need to enter a security question and an answer for it, as this may be required if you happen to forget your log in details and have to show it is really you trying to log in to the portal.

Once you have registered at the site, the terms and conditions for using the website are displayed. You must abide by these terms if you wish to continue using the site. As for security, you are required to take care of your details and any activity that you complete on the website.

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Harvest Cake – The Best European Style Bakery In Indonesia

The Harvest is the largest bakery and pastry shop in Indonesia dealing in traditional European style pastry. It was established in 2004 and has outlets in major cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and more. Currently with 22 outlets and growing in number, Harvest delivers the best quality supplies to its stakeholders. With the requirements of the customers in mind, the 1800 member highly skilled creative team never fails to impress with their delicious range of Harvest Cake varieties. This has enabled The Harvest to acquire the number one spot in Indonesia’s bakeries.

harvest cake

Harvest cakes are very popular with the local residents as well as tourists from around the world. The wide variety that the store offers never fails to satisfy the public. Out of the several distinct styles of cakes produced in the store, the whole cakes, made with the finest quality of Belgium chocolates and crafted to perfection, are the clear favorites. Ever imagined a desert palette with ice cream, sponge cake and all the right ingredients? The Harvest ice cream cakes simply bowl you over with their unique flavors and eye-catching designs.

Apart from the famous Harvest Cake collection, the store offers a wide variety of deserts including macaroon, cronuts and cupcakes, all of which are equally loved by the customers. You can also indulge yourself with the finest selection of chocolates that include truffles, pralines, caramel, nougat and a variety of other flavors such as strawberry, orange and so on. Also offered are the choicest of delicatessens that include Danish pastries, croissants, muffins, rolls, pies, tarts, puffs, buns and patties with interesting flavors and stuffing.

Not only are the cakes beautifully decorated, their distinctive flavors and the lightness of the pastry itself, all make the Harvest Cake an ultimate choice. The irresistible designs and tempting Harvest cakes simply draw you to them. It is hard to ignore them. If you have a sweet tooth, the Harvest cake and pastry varieties will not only excite you but leave you wanting for more. Besides ordering for yourself, you can also choose to gift goodies from the store to your loved ones. Exciting gift hampers offered at The Harvest will put a definite smile on their face.

The popularity of The Harvest cake shop is so great that even tourists cannot resist visiting an outlet to check the much talked about cakes. If you look at some of the reviews at traveler sites like Trip Advisor, you will notice the plethora of reviews left by travelers who have visited the store. Most of these visitors have scored The Harvest a perfect five and have left rave reviews of the finesse of the products offered at this much sought after Indonesian confectionary.

harvest cake

If you are visiting any of the cities where an outlet of The Harvest is available, it would be a shame if you came away without visiting one. The Harvest Cake shop has become a sort of a food wonderland.

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All about Lenny Face


Modern technology brings with it a wide array of entertainment and a faster and easier way of communicating with your close ones. Internet jokes spreading rapidly from user to user, also termed as memes are highly popular these days. An idea which succeeds in pleasing a few people generally goes viral and tends to be regarded as a meme. Lenny Face, a certain kind of emoticon made up of Unicode character symbols is one of the most popular of such memes. As its name suggests, Lenny Face is a facial symbol or what is popularly known as an emoticon.

It is used to spam image boards and forums and its earliest emergence was on a Finnish image board in November 2012. Within a couple of hours, there were a series of other users who posted similar emoticons with different eye types. For the next three days, the image board was spammed with an escalating number of Lenny Face emoticons, leading to the ban of several users from the site. A screenshot showing all those that had been banned from the image board was posted at Funny Junk where it received over a 100,000 views and 3900 points for the post.


There were numerous interpretations to the resemblance of Lenny Face to some character or the other. While some felt the emoticon looked like the well-known children’s cartoon character Bob the Builder, others believed it was the logo of a Palestine outfit. On 18 November, the same day Lenny Face was launched on the Finnish image board; there was a post on the World of Warcraft forum describing the emoticon as The Shah of Casuals. The next day, this post was followed by a video called “Fresh” with different animated versions of the emoticon. There were over 1400 searches on YouTube for this video.

By the eleventh day, 150 Facebook pages with Lenny Face as the title were created. There were more than 4000 likes for these pages. Emoticons continued to pop up in posts more than often and could be seen on Facebook, Tumblr, various image boards and community forums. The Japanese were the first to circulate these emoticons, which soon picked up ground in the English web as well. In 2013, a Tumblr user announced that the emoticon had been named “DegDeg” by his computer’s text-to-speech program. The post received more than 110,000 messages.

Various animated forms of the Lenny Face are constantly developed and even to this day, it garners quite a bit of interest. The emoticon is simply a funny face and its main objective is to make people laugh when they look at the face. Considering the reason Lenny Face exists is due to the fact that it does make people laugh. You can have all sorts of emoticons created from one basic design, but its sole purpose will always remain to be a fun face. Emoticons are widely used on mobile phones and emails with a great selection of Lenny Face emoticons on offer.

Read More – American Airlines Employee Portal is the American Airlines employee website where they can access a host of information such as employee benefits, health insurance, travel benefits and also get pension assistance. Since it is an employee portal, only authorized users are allowed access to it, which means that you must be an employee at American Airlines to be able to log in to the website. The airline has strict laws against unauthorized usage, to the effect of civil liability and criminal penalties on whosoever attempts to access the site without the authority to do so.

Flight employees of American Airlines, better known as AA, enjoy a multitude of benefits that they can find on the website. One of the benefits includes access to travel privileges. Employees can place their name in the airport backup list for a flight and if there is a cancellation, the employee is able to get a seat on the flight against the cancellation. However, this is not guaranteed. The offer stands only if there is no other paying passenger on the waiting list. This is not the only advantage that the employees have at American Airlines.

They are also entitled to a number of discounts from numerous businesses, such as a lifetime membership at Corporate Shopping. This is a website that offers special discounted products to employees of various companies including American Airlines. You can get discounts on apparel, electronics, accessories and much more. Look out for discounts at Macy’s, Nike, Target, Tickets Now and other popular shopping portals. All the offers available to the AA employees can be found on the website, which can be accessed after you sign up at the site.

Before you log in to the AA employee portal, you must register yourself. The registration process is quite simple. When you open the site, you will see an AMR System Access box. You need to click on “Help” and then click on the first time user registration form where you will be asked to give your AA employee number or contractor number. After you submit the form, you will be prompted to create a User ID and password. On continuing further, you will be required to create a security question with an answer to it and then click “Finish”.

Having done the needful, you will be able to view the user agreement for accessing the employee site. You may log in to your account and look at all the employee benefits you are entitled too. Employees can manage all the offered privileges through the website. The website is accessible to all employees past and present. So even if you are a retiree, you can log in and make use of the benefits that are offered to all AA employees. This includes handling pension accounts. Also, all those companies that do business with American Airlines are authorized to access Users are however required to see to it that they carry out their transactions securely, at their own risk.

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Keyori’s League of Legends Tricks

Keyori is a normal person who is extremely fond of playing League of Legends with his friends like Uberdanger, Jaynee, who is also his girlfriend and others. Together, they create funny Youtube videos that are just a pleasure to watch. They mean no harm to anyone. The videos are purely created for fun and are in no way meant to offend or resemble anyone, which they clearly reiterate. Keyori also says that unless you can take jokes lightly, it is better not to watch the videos. Everything they produce is pure nonsense and only for fun.


League of Legends as most of us will know is a game where you must battle on the Fields of Justice. The objective is to control your champion and pass through the battlefield by overcoming the obstacles that arise in your path. You are the summoner, meaning that you are responsible for guiding your champion through the battlefield. Depending on your playing style, you can implement various tools such as runes, masteries and spells to move your champion along the battlefield. You are encouraged to play as a team, make friends and help new comers.

As with players, the League of Legends is a highly popular game. Hence there is a continuous stream of players joining in. The result of this is an increase in the list of champions that is simply growing by the day. Each of these champions like Keyori, has their own unique style of play, which they form to beat opponents on the battlefield. Battlefields are divided into two game modes, Classic and Dominion. The classic Field of Justice battlefields include Summoner’s Rift, The Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss. The Dominion game mode comprises of The Crystal Scar Field of Justice.

Keyori’s funny YouTube videos are a treat to watch. They add a fun element to the game. They are meant to be funny and they do deliver the fun that they have been intended for. You can hear hilarious comments as you watch excerpts of the game on their YouTube videos. If you do not have an eye for creativity and a sense of humor, then Keyori’s vidoes are not for you. For those who enjoy jokes, the videos are a must-watch. You will certainly love them, although many players are not very pleased with Keyori and his wayward ways.


Keyori is the number one League YouTuber. He and his talented team make and post new League of Legends fun videos every Monday and Friday. You can see from the kind of videos they post that they are a highly talented lot. Whether it is these YouTube videos or the real game itself, Keyori seems to be a popular name that is being discussed on the forums as well. While some may dislike him, others cheer him and his teammates for their great sense of comic timing. Keyori and his team’s latest League of Legends trick or fun video is “Hit It and Crit It”.

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Why Buying From Flexshopper Is Profitable


Flexshopper is a revolutionary financial platform, offering a lease-to-own (LTO) ecommerce marketplace for consumers and a technology platform for etailers who wish to offer the required LTO service. Flexshopper LLC, the platform in discussion, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flexshopper Inc. It caters to consumers and ecommerce businesses as well as land-based retailers in the US. Their aim is to provide consumers a flexible payment option for products they need while offering business to retailers by paying on behalf of the consumers. It is the best and most feasible option for both parties.

With growing needs and high costs of living, most people find it difficult to afford certain necessities, leave alone pampering themselves with items of luxury. However, with Flexshopper, this part of their worry is pushed aside if you are a consumer wanting to make a purchase. Flexshopper offers a massive 75,000 plus consumer durables that include electronics, furniture, computers and various other goods through its platform. When the consumer selects the products they want to buy, Flexshopper makes it available to them by paying the required amount for the goods to the retailer.

Once the transaction is successful, which takes but a couple of minutes, the consumer becomes liable to pay their dues to Flexshopper on a weekly basis. It makes it easy for the consumer to pay for the products they want in easy instalments instead of in a lump sum that they would have had to pay the retailer. Buying products through this platform has major benefits, first of which is the easy payment schedule. It is light on the pocket and still able to get you the consumer goods that you desire. With the ease of shopping with Flexshopper, you can even indulge in the purchase of luxury products.

On the other hand, etailers and land-based retailers both profit from the influx of customers that want to buy goods from them. Their sales have skyrocketed due to the customers that have been brought in by Flexshopper. All those customers who earlier could not afford the products are now able to buy them with the flexibility of payment offered to them via Flexshopper. Applying for LTO is very easy, as the process is fully automated. You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for the lease-to-own service.

Your personal Flexshopper spending limit is determined on the basis of your income, but no credit check is done. You must have an operative bank account or a prepaid debit card. Once these details have been provided, you will instantly be offered a spending limit sent on your smartphone or web browser. There are no hidden fees involved and the lease is short-term, usually up to 90 days. Within this time, customers can buy one or more items using the credit limit offered to them. If at the end of the term, they are not satisfied with the purchase, they have the option of returning the goods.

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Amber Teething Necklace – Is It Really Effective?

We have all some time in our life faced or are facing teething problems with our little ones. As we know, this can be quite a painful process for your child and a stressful time for you too. The thought that we can do little to relieve the toddler of the pain, makes it worse. Lately, there has been a huge hype about amber teething necklaces that can help ease the pain of teething. If you have read these articles that are all over the Internet, have you been convinced that an amber teething necklace can help your child? Do you believe that such necklaces can really be effective?

As a sceptic, I personally have my reservations on products like these. However, it is worth doing some research in order to get the facts right and discovering whether products such as amber teething necklaces actually do what they are said to do. While some mothers will absolutely swear by these necklaces, there are others who are still apprehensive about using an amber teething necklace for her child. So who do you think of these two parents is correct? We need to explore the supposedly therapeutic effects of the teething necklace to know whether it works.

Retailers make wide claims about the effectiveness of the amber teething necklaces, first of which is the release of succinic acid that works as an analgesic to relieve pain and irritability. If looked at scientifically, Baltic amber does in fact contain succinic acid. Please note, we are only talking of Baltic amber and not amber in general. As it happens, succinic acid does have physiological effects on the body. However, succinic acid is already present in our body in the Krebs cycle and although enhancing the present levels could offer potential effects, there is no proof of it.

amber teething necklace

Also, it does not include any amounts of succinic acid passing into the bloodstream trans-dermally, let alone the minute amount that might be released from the Baltic amber beads. The claim that our body temperature helps release succinic acid that penetrates through the skin to get to the bloodstream, also remains to be proven. No evidence has been seen or heard of succinic acid being released from the Baltic amber teething necklace to help ease the discomfort during teething. Other claims such as improving immunity, relieving depression and so on are also not proven.

Apart from the scientific analysis, the Baltic amber teething necklace may pose hazards for your child. If the baby happens to tug at the necklace, it could break, although the beads are individually knotted to prevent them from spilling around. If worn while sleeping, the child could accidentally choke. There is also a possibility that the baby might chew on the necklace. Considering all these factors, there are still parents out there who simply believe that the Baltic amber teething necklace is a boon. We have heard both sides of the argument; you decide which one to follow.

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