Will There Be a Whodunnit Season 2

Murder mysteries are extremely thrilling and most people enjoy reading books and watching TV series relating to them. Everyone has seen numerous television shows on the topic, but a new murder mystery is always welcome. Whodunnit, an ABC television series first aired on June 23 2013, is a suspense thriller, but with a difference. It is actually a reality show that revolves around a series of murders that take place through the series. The first season of the show was a success and speculations of a Whodunnit Season 2 are doing the rounds, but it still remains unconfirmed.

In case you do not know what Whodunnit is about, it is a television series that has contestants investigating murders taking place during the show. No, they are not actually murdered! The whole series is impeccably staged, leaving both participants and the audience trying to figure out who the killer is. The series begins with 13 guests, one of whom is the “killer”, housed in Rue Manor, a Beverly Hills Mansion. Each episode showcases a well-structured murder. Co-executive producer Anthony Zuiker says he already has nine murders planned out for Whodunnit Season 2 too.

The show’s host Giles (Gildart Jackson) also plays butler to the guests. The killer sends messages to the guests via Giles, which he reads out to all in the dining room. He and two maids are also held captive in the mansion along with the guests until the identity of the killer is revealed in the season finale. In each episode we witness a murder or double murders, following which the guests must investigate the crime scene and reach a conclusion as to who is responsible for the murder. This basic theory will remain the same for Whodunnit Season 2 and any consecutive seasons that follow.


Getting back to the plot, the guests conduct individual investigations and solve the puzzling murders to conclude who they think the killer is. The weakest performer gets eliminated or murdered rather in the following episode and the cycle of investigation continues. It is only at the season finale that the identity of the killer is revealed with three guests left in the competition. One of them is the killer. However, all the three must collect evidence and solve the final murder mystery to uncover the identity of the killer. With its interesting script, the series deserves a Whodunnit Season 2.

The guest who is able to correctly point out the killer in the final round of this television series wins a $250,000 cash prize. Kam Perez was the winner of the first season of Whodunnit with Lindsey Anderson as the runner up and Cris Crotz as the killer. Ironically, Kam had not once through the series been able to identify Cris as the killer, while Lindsey throughout had stuck to her belief it was Cris. However, she got a few puzzles wrong in the finale and lost the race to winning the $250,000 prize. The production team is hoping to get a green flag from ABC for a Whodunnit Season 2.

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Watch Steven Universe Online – A Cartoon Network Original

Cartoons are fun to watch. No matter what age group you belong to, animations take you back to your childhood. They bring that twinkle of excitement in your eyes just like they did when you watched them as a child. You can never grow old for cartoons. A popular television channel, Cartoon Network, offers heaps of animation series that are a treat to watch. One such series is Steven Universe. With a successful run of 49 episodes in season 1, this thrilling anime is currently airing its second season. If you have never watched it, you can now watch Steven Universe online.

Steven Universe

The animation series is about a young boy named Steven who is part of a team called the Crystal Gems. They are magical guardians of the universe and Steven is the youngest member of the team. Steven has now reached the age when he must take on his responsibility of being one of the team and fighting to protect the universe like the other Crystal Gems. Although he is the youngest member of the team, Steven contributes equally to help save the day along with friends Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl. You can watch Steven Universe online if you aren’t already hooked to it.

The chubby and cheerful boy with his ukulele makes their magical adventures even greater fun. He is yet to learn all his powers, but Steven leaves no stone unturned to protect the universe from unwanted harm. As the season proceeds, Steven discovers his strength and powers while he aids the team in conquering evil. Their escapades are a mix of thrill and comedy that not only appeal to children but grown-ups as well. If you are thinking why there is this entire rave about a cartoon, you need to watch Steven Universe online and see what you have missed in past episodes.

Written and created by Rebecca Sugar, the Adventure Time animation series became popular from the very onset of its first telecast of season 1 in 2013. Rebecca has successfully managed to hold the attention of the audience with the fantastic character she has sketched out for Steven. The captivating adventures of this intergalactic team put a smile to your face as you see yourself waiting eagerly for the Crystal Gems to succeed in their mission. The cartoon series is certainly worth watching. If you are interested, you can always watch Steven Universe online.

The Cartoon Network animation series that is currently running its second season, has maintained the entertainment value of its first season. More people are getting addicted to the show, which has already aired 26 episodes in its second run. It is a wonder to see how the creative mind of Rebecca Sugar works as she weaves a mesmerizing story that makes Crystal Gems, stars to remember. Seriously, you have got to see the cartoon series to know it is worth watching. So go ahead and watch Steven Universe online from the very beginning of the series.

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Sue Ann Arnall $1 Billion Divorce Settlement – USA’s Second Highest

Being married to a business tycoon and one among the richest in the country has its benefits, as one may have noticed in their divorce settlements. We have often heard and read about million dollar settlements, but there have been exceptions that have scored quite high in these rankings, just like Sue Ann Arnall or Hamm should we say. Does the name “Hamm” ring a bell? Yes, it is Harold Hamm we are talking about and Sue Ann Hamm/Arnall is his ex-wife. She made news when she received a massive $974.8 million divorce settlement, second highest in the USA to date.

Sue Ann was a lawyer at Continental Resources, the multi-billion company of oil-magnate Harold Hamm when she married him. In the course of their marriage, she performed executive roles in the company and claims she is partly responsible for its growth. The company had a worth of $50 million in 1988, but when Sue Ann Arnall filed for divorce in 2012, Continental Resources was valued at $20 billion. According to Sue Ann Arnall, she has received only a drop from the ocean of wealth, making up Hamm’s fortune. She reiterates that she is entitled to much more than this.

Sue Ann Arnall

Besides the $975 million check, Sue Ann has also received the Oak Ridge Ranch in Carmel, California and two properties in Oklahoma. The settlement case was in court for two and a half years before the judges came to this decision. Unhappy with the outcome, Sue Ann Arnall and her lawyers still plan to make another appeal for a fair distribution of Hamm’s wealth, one that will be more in her favor than that of her ex-husband. She has however finally cashed the check earlier this year, which lowers her chances of making a fresh appeal, but this is another story.

The Hamm’s 26-year marriage was called quits when Sue Ann discovered that her husband was having an affair. She filed for divorce and in November 2014, the court gave their verdict on the expected settlement, assigning 6 percent of Hamm’s wealth to Sue Ann. While Hamm maintains that the amount is too high, Sue Ann Arnall sticks to her statement that the settlement was biased. Whatever be their arguments, the divorce settlement has certainly made history. After Jocelyn Wildenstein, who is said to have received $2.5 billion, Sue Ann has the second highest divorce settlement.

For Harold Hamm, the settlement has finally let him breathe a sigh of relief. He has moved on and is glad he has the matter off his shoulders. Whether Sue Ann will be able to appeal for a larger stake in Hamm’s property is yet to be seen, since she has nullified her chances of doing so by cashing the settlement check. As of now, Sue Ann Arnall has received a sizeable amount both in cash and immovable property. It would be an icing on the cake if she manages to make a fresh appeal!

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Solve This Webpage Has a Redirect Loop Issue Within Minutes

We sometimes encounter problems while accessing certain webpages. There may be several reasons for this, which is usually conveyed via an error message. This could be in the form of an error number or a message like “ This webpage has a redirect loop ”. If you ever come across the latter, do not panic. It is easy to solve the issue and can be done within minutes. The problem may also show as an Error 310, so if you get either of these messages on clicking a particular site, just follow a few simple steps to get rid of this webpage error.

This webpage has a redirect loop

First and foremost, before we get into the details of how to eliminate the annoying message “ This webpage has a redirect loop ”, check the link itself. Take a look at the URL to ensure that the spelling is correct and all the words supposed to be in the URL are all there. Also check to see that the link is not broken. If there are any mistakes in the URL, you will not be able to access the site you are trying to open. However, the redirect loop issue has very little to do with these errors. This is a slightly different issue, but not one that cannot be solved.

This error is usually noticed in Chrome and Mozilla browsers, but it can occur in any other browser as well. Why do you see the “ This webpage has a redirect loop ” message you may wonder? Maybe the website you are trying to access has been moved to a new link, hence the error. To prevent such circumstances, the web administrator must set up a redirect link to guide visitors to their new URL. The error occurs when the redirect code is not properly set up or is jumbled up. No error message will be received if the redirection link moves in an uninterrupted flow.

If this does not help, you probably need to clear the cache. Just clear all the cookies to avoid getting the message “ This webpage has a redirect loop ”. To clear cookies in Chrome, click ‘Settings’ in the dropdown menu tab on the top right corner. Here, select ‘Advanced Settings’ and under ‘Privacy’ click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’. A pop-up box will open where you need to check ‘Cookies and Other Site and Plugin Data’ and click ‘Clear Browsing Data’. Close and reopen browser and try accessing the error webpage once again. If there is no problem at the server end, this should solve the issue.

In case these solutions do not do the trick, then there are chances that it is a server issue. Try accessing the webpage in other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera etc. If you see “ This webpage has a redirect loop ” in other browsers as well, then it is definitely a server problem. You need to contact your server administrator and get them to look into the problem.

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Rae Sremmurd Net Worth Is A Sizeable $3 Million

If you are wondering who or what Rae Sremmurd is or are, they are one of the leading rappers in America today. Although known in the music circuit, the Hip Hop duo Khalif Brown aka Swae Lee and Aaquil Brown aka Slim Jimmy rose to fame with top of the chart numbers, “No Flex Zone” and “No Type”. The songs made it to the top 36 and 16 ranks respectively, on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. This has resulted in Rae Sremmurd net worth going up to a whopping $3 Million in 2015.

The boys began their career under the name “Dem Outta St8 Boyz”, playing at bars and local parties. They used funds from part-time jobs towards travel expenses for auditioning in contests and managed to appear in a few competitions on TV. Along with another member, Andre Harry’s, they finished second place in one of the contests. It was in 2014, when the brothers signed with Ear Drummers Entertainment that their journey to fame began with Rae Sremmurd net worth shot up in millions.

Rae Sremmurd

If you are thinking why they call themselves Rae Sremmurd, it is actually Ear Drummers spelled backwards. The rappers released their first album, SremmLife, comprising of four titles, in January this year. The album debuted at number 5 in the US Billboard 200 Charts. Their first title “No Flex Zone” gained great hype when a remix of the song was presented by Nicki Minaj and Pusha T. Today, Rae Sremmurd net worth is in par with some of the leading artists.

Currently, the Brown brothers are working on their next album “SremmLife 2, which is slated to release in December 2015. These boys from Tupelo, Mississippi have found a foothold in the industry with their hard work and perseverance. Their passion for Hip Hop music along with their creativity is the reason why the duo is where they are today. They have worked with names like Mike Will Made-It, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Rae Sremmurd net worth has been consistently on the rise since 2013.

Only 20 and 22 years of age, Khalif and Aaquil Brown have no formal training in music, but the boys have proved their mettle. Theirs is an almost rags to riches story. From a troubled life at home, juggling between school, odd jobs and drug peddling, the brothers only had their music to look forward to. They got their big break when Mike Will Made It chose to become their mentor. Under his guidance, the boys produced music that was to soon take Rae Sremmurd net worth soaring up.

Today, the boys have a hectic schedule, recording their new album. In between this, the duo also plans to have their own talent hunt back home in Atlanta to look for young musicians like themselves. Although Rae Sremmurd net worth has steadily increased, whether they will be able to maintain their image is yet to be seen.

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Play Minecraft Online Via the Private Server Timolia

Minecraft is a much sought after video game, played by children 8 years and over. This open-ended game comprises of Lego-like surroundings where players construct structures out of scratch, by using materials that they find around them. The game is highly stimulating as it allows the players to let lose their imagination and creativity. Graphics may not be as appealing as the video games of today, but Minecraft is still able to have a sizeable player base. It also has an enormously growing online community that is hosted by private servers like Timolia.

You can choose to play Minecraft offline if you do not wish to be part of an online community. However, the flourishing Minecraft online community shows that players enjoy the interaction they have with each other. The online community is also a great place to learn and share ideas, especially as the video game does not offer a manual that one can refer to. Minecraft players actively participate in discussions and hurl challenges against other members. There are several non-moderated servers like Timolia that help you connect with other Minecraft players.


Like most other online communities, this one too is prone to foul language and obscenities. So if you have little children at home playing Minecraft, it would be advisable to have them access the game offline. The game itself allows you to enhance your skills and improve knowledge of certain subjects. Children can develop greater thinking and reasoning powers and intelligently tackle difficulties as they arise during the game. If at any time you feel like playing against other members of the community, just access one of the many private servers like Timolia and connect with them.

There are numerous servers available that allow you to play games like Minecraft as well as communicate with other members of the online gaming community. A little bit of research will get you a fine list of private servers. You can do a little further research and filter out those that are reliable and will not cause any kind of harm to your PC. Timolia is one of the better known private servers where one can play Minecraft with other players of this popular video game. This is a German server and a reliable one for that matter. The server has a reasonable number of visitors on any average day.

If you wish to join the server’s online community, just visit the Timolia website and you will find all the information you need to know. Although the site is in the German language, you can get a Google translation to see the pages in English or other preferred language. Get all the latest updates and valuable information here, in order to strengthen your creativity and the ability to tackle challenges that come your way. Once you get started, Minecraft can get quite addictive. It is one of the prominent games of all times. Join the online community at Timolia and experience the thrill for yourself.

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Download and Watch TV Shows Via 02TVSeries

At times for some reason or the other we may miss a favorite TV series. It is quite frustrating if it is an episode or two where something important or thrilling is to happen. While some people may have provisions for recording the TV show if they have something important to do and cannot watch it at the time it is being aired, not everyone may be able to do so. 02TVSeries is a torrent downloader that allows you to download TV series and watch them at leisure.

Torrents have become very popular these days, as they provide a convenient way to download movies, music videos and TV programs that one can watch on their computer or television as is suitable to them. Whether it is a currently running TV series or one of the older ones, you can download the episodes you have missed or even the full season if you like. 02TVSeries.com lets you download a wide selection of popular English TV series.

Although there is a plethora of torrents available on the Internet, finding the right ones can be tough especially if you are looking for a free downloader. Downloading files from the Internet have their potential risks and hence it is imperative to check out from where you download files. You certainly do not want to land up with malware on your computer. 02TVSeries is a reliable downloader that is being widely used by TV viewers around the world for catching up with their favorite TV series.


The downloader is also ideal for mobile downloads as it is compatible with HQ MP4 and 3GP formats. So if you have a job or business that needs you to travel a lot, resulting in you missing episodes of a television show that you follow closely, you can download the episodes on your mobile phone. With your mobile phone by your side always, you can watch the programs when you want. This makes 02TVSeries the perfect choice when it comes to watching TV shows.

Finding a TV series from the 02TVSeries website is also quite easy. All uploaded programs are listed in an alphabetical order, making it quick to access the series that you wish to download. Whether it is a popular American series or a British show, there will be no difficulty in finding what you are looking for. You can also search shows on 02TVSeries.com by selecting the genre you are interested in. This will open up a list of TV shows under the genre from where you can pick the ones you want to watch.

Although there are other torrent downloaders on the Internet 02TVSeries is one of the better ones. It offers a reasonably good download speed so that you do not have to wait for hours on end. As for reliability, the downloader has not had any noticeable complaints concerning its authenticity and neither has there been any malicious program downloads from its site that could harm your computer. You may use 02TVSeries without worry!

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Download and Enjoy the Latest Movies from 300mbMovies4u

Everyone loves to watch movies, although they may have different preferences for the genre of films they like to see. In this busy day and age, people seldom have the time to visit the theater, as it can take up a couple of hours of valuable time including the travel time to and from the theater. Buying DVD’s can be expensive. Moreover, stacking them requires space and unless you can store them, you don’t want to be adding on new ones to the already stocked pile. The ideal way out is to download movies from 300mbMovies4u.

300mbmovies4uThere are numerous sites online where you can download movies, music and TV shows by paying a membership fee or get them for free. Although free sites could hold potential risks and you cannot really tell a scam site from a genuine one, there are websites that are reliable. Paid sites are almost trustworthy, but if you are looking for a free movie download portal, you simply need to do a bit of research on your own and find out sites that can be trusted. You could try out 300mbMovies4u, which according to site review sites is dependable.

Here, you can download movies from various genres and also popular television series. You can not only watch the latest Hollywood movies but also movies from Bollywood, Tamil movies from South India, TV shows, iMBD movies and more. From old movies to the most recent releases, you can download any number of films that you want. Watch the movies at leisure on your PC or TV as is convenient for you. The movies you want to watch can be downloaded straightaway from 300mbMovies4u and stored until you are ready to watch it.

You can download as many movies, music videos and TV shows as you want and your computer can hold. The fact that they need not be on your PC permanently, is what makes downloading movies an ideal solution. You can remove them after you have seen them, so that your hard drive remains free for more important things. Also, with movies downloaded from 300mbMovies4u, you are not bound by any timing like at the theatre. You can watch the movie at your convenience and also with pauses in case you need to do other things at the same time.

To download movies from 300mbMovies4u, you need to first install iLivid New Tab. iLivid New Tab is a product of APN, LLC, distributed by InMind, Inc. It offers you the largest collection of movies and TV shows. You can also get celebrity gossips, spoilers, teasers, funny videos and clips. All your entertainment from a single channel! The download process itself is quick and within hours you are ready to watch your movie if you wish to see it then. You can also download movies, video clips and more on your mobile phone for watching on the go. Since, no reports of malware or scams have been detected from the site, 300mbMovies4u is safe to use.

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300mb Films – Your Home for the Latest Movie Downloads

Our lifestyles have changed considerably in the last decade or so, what with the global crisis, job insecurity and financial strains, taking the toll on us. Most of us now need to put in more hours of work to meet the ever-growing everyday expenses. This leaves us little time to ourselves, let alone getting time off for entertainment. The theaters too have begun to feel the pinch of fewer customers visiting the cinemas. In these trying times, spending money on movies is the last of your priorities. You can however enjoy movies for free at sites like 300mb Films.

The Internet has opened up a window of opportunities for us. Along with this, it has brought us a variety of entertainment sources. You can download and watch movies, music videos, television shows and a lot of other videos from the Internet. There are a large number of websites that offer you these services, some with a small membership fee and others completely free of cost. 300mb Films is one such portal where you can download a host of movies from the latest releases to old classics and watch them at your own free will.

You can download high quality blu-ray or HD movies and all it requires is a click of the mouse. There are no membership charges, so you are free to download any number of movies without having to pay a single penny for them. Since the movies are downloaded to your computer, you can watch them when you have the time. You are not bound by any timing and can even take breaks or watch the movie non-stop without breaks, as is suitable to you. 300mb Films is convenience at your fingertips and it is a reliable place to download films that you wish to see.


Usually, it is hard to find movies that have recently released and those that have done well at the box office. You have to wait for a long time before these movies are available for download on torrents. Although some prints may be available, these are usually pirated versions and not much use. In short, if you want to watch a movie in good print, you will just have to wait until it is available, which could take a while to happen. At 300mb Films, you do not have to wait for good prints to be uploaded, as the ones offered are of good quality.

300mb Films is free to use and does not require any software upload or any other program for that matter for you to download movies from the site. You can simply select the movie you wish to watch and click to download it. The download will begin instantly and within a couple of hours, your movie will be ready for viewing. Once you have finished watching the film, you may delete it to unclutter your hard drive and make space for new movie downloads from 300mb Films.

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Use TwoDDL for Quick Free Movie Downloads

Downloading movies, music videos and TV shows has become quite popular these days. You can find a plethora of torrents, watch movies online and movies download sites on the Internet. While some may charge a nominal fee, most of these sites are free to use, making them a perfect platform for entertainment. TwoDDL is a popularly used site that offers direct download links to movies, games and TV shows through a number of download links. This allows you to choose the platform that has the best quality video and sound plus a good download speed.


Although BitTorrent is the most popularly used movie download platform, there are a number of websites that allow you to download movies, TV shows and more. Finding the right ones could be a challenge, but if you can do your research, you will find there are sites out there that can be trusted. TwoDDL is one of such sites that you can use, as it has not been reported to have any issues of malware so far. Malware is the biggest threat when downloading from the Internet, which deters people from using unfamiliar sites. However, TwoDDL is safe to use.

It is not just a movie downloader, but also offers other download features, such as games, TV shows and music videos. So not only can you get new movies to watch, but can also keep up with any missed episodes of your favorite TV series. The good part is that you can download movies etc. from not one link, but can choose from a number of links that are available at TwoDDL. From single download links to uploaded links, Rapidgator download links and more, you can choose the link that has the best quality movie recordings.

Sometimes movies and television series come with subtitles so that it is easier for international viewers to understand and follow the story. Subtitles are good, but they can be distracting. If you wish to watch movies without subtitles, then TwoDDL offers you links where you can get subtitle-free downloads. Apart from this, various torrent file downloads are also available in case you need a torrent downloader such as Kickass, YTS, Extra Torrent and others. In other words, you can find everything you need at one place, which makes TwoDDL downloads ideal for use.

Whenever you wish to download a movie or a television series from TwoDDL, all you need to do is search for the relevant genre and select the movie from the offered list that appears. You can get the latest movie downloads, some of which are not readily available at other sites or even torrents. If you want to be the first among friends to watch a movie, besides those watched in the cinemas, you can get down to doing it by downloading it from TwoDDL. It is safe to use and is being widely utilized by patrons across the world looking to watch movies and television series free of cost.

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